My Kids, My World

Always running, always late

I feel like I am constantly running late all the time now on days I have school. Even if I plan enough time in the morning to get myself ready and Addy ready for daycare, something always happens to make us late again, like last Wednesday when I was getting her in her car seat on time and that was the moment she chose to poop all up her back.

Once I make it to school I am running to my first class. I actually apologized to the prof for being late for both classes last week, then after my first class I am in a rush to get the key for the lactation room, pump, then clean all the parts to be ready for the afternoon. I then proceed to run to my second class by way of the deans office to drop off the key, and am normally late by about 2 minutes. Luckily this class always starts about 3 minutes late. I eat lunch during class, then after I pick up the key again and head to my third class. Finally 5 minutes to breath before the brain slap that is information and knowledge management. Then it is off to the races again practically running to the lactation room since I only have 15 minutes between classes to pump. I am ALWAYS 5-10 minutes late for my last class of the day, and once class is over I am running to my car, and praying that traffic is light, so I can get home before Addy wakes up and wants to eat. Most days I make it, but today I did not, so Tony had to deal with cranky baby for 45 minutes until I got home.

Oh well at least I have Tuesday to recover, then it is off to the races again on Wednesday.